Large Format File Prep Instructions using Adobe Illustrator

Before sending files to GH Imaging, please follow the preflight steps in this video. 800.678.4041

Before sending a file to GH Companies to be printed, there are some steps you should take to ensure that your file can be used for printing.

1. Convert all fonts to outlines. This is very important because if you don’t, it can cause your fonts to crash when the file is opened and be replaced with a computer’s default font. Creating outlines guarantees your art and text will look exactly as you intended them to look.
2. Ensure that the color of every part of your art is in CMYK color mode. If colors are in RGB they will have to be converted which can result in an undesired change in color.
3. If using strokes in your design, convert your strokes to outlines. That way, if your image needs to be resized it will still look the way you intended.
4. Embed all images. This saves the image into your file, ensuring that the computer can find it. If not, the computer will replace the image with a blank box.

These simple steps will ensure that we can use your file and print your design exactly as you envision it.

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