16 thoughts on “How Lenticular Posters Are Made

  1. Do you have any ideas as to how to produce a 4metres wide lenticular piece? Can it be done? We would have to produce in sections as too wide for us and that would spoil the desired effect as it woukd be very very hard to align the sections so as to get the desired effect. Can you help at all? GREAT VID BTW. Also would you become a supplier to us?

  2. goodnight sir I would like to know the prices of the lenticular plastic because here in Peru and I have some knowledge of how to entangle the photographs I only need the plastic please tell me gustarai as prices and sell. Unit example , a dozen or how much of the plastic lenticular only the cheapest and beyond this magnificent product.
    I say goodbye and to hand thanks for your reply

    francisco jose miguel mauricio gonzales
    lenticular urgent information

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